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my name is jenaro. i live in half moon bay california. 24yrs old. BIG sports fan. 49ers, warriors and A's. i use to be passionate about all three of my teams but i kinda lost it for the warriors and A's since in basketball theres 82 games and in baseball more than 100. way too many games to watch. but i still try to catch all of them. i have been a die hard Niners fan since 97'. got use to watching a very good team from 97' till 2002 the last year they made the playoffs. once they started to be one of the laughing stocks of the nfl, i still watched every single game, every sunday. theres just something about the nfl that i just cant get enough of. so much drama, so much excitement, so much passion. besides sports i work a lot. currently work two jobs monday-saturday. def donnot work sundays. theres no way in hell i will ever work sundays. well enough about me. let me just spit all my football knowledge to all you football/sports junkies. #FORTYNINERS4LIFE

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